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Grasso Fence Co is your premier destination for beautiful and affordable wood fencing in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. We specialize in providing top-notch wood fence services. Our products will not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also fit within your budget.

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The Benefits Of Wooden Fence

A wood fence offers numerous benefits for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of these fence products.

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Natural Appeal: A wooden fence adds a touch of warmth and natural beauty to any property. It’s the perfect way to complement your surroundings. 

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Custom Options: Wood products come in a variety of styles, heights, and designs. You can choose the perfect design to suit your preferences and needs.

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Privacy and Security: With a solid fence, you can create a comfortable space for your family, pets, or business. Without a doubt, a privacy fence will keep your area safe and secure. 

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Durability: When properly maintained, a well-constructed wooden fence can last for years, providing long-term value and protection.

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Types of Wood Fences

At Grasso Fence Co, we offer an array of fence styles to cater to your specific requirements.

Here are some popular types of wood products to consider for your next project.

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Picket Fences

This classic design features vertical boards with pointed or flat tops, adding charm and elegance to your property. We can accommodate any fence height for your wood picket fencing.

Rail Fences

These designs are perfect for marking boundaries and providing a subtle barrier while maintaining an open feel.

Lattice Fences

Wood lattice panels offer a decorative element while still providing privacy and a sense of enclosure.

Important Considerations

Before installing any kind of fence, it’s essential to consider a few factors. First, we will provide a quick rundown of some basic information. Of course, we are here to answer any questions whatsoever. 

Maintenance: First, understand that wooden fences require regular maintenance, including staining or painting. Without a doubt, this will protect them from weathering and ensure their durability. 

Weather Resistance: Also, think about the best type of wood. Furthermore, choosing a variety that can withstand local climate conditions is crucial for long-lasting performance.

Local Regulations: Next, familiarize yourself with any local building codes or homeowners’ association guidelines. In fact, the laws may influence the design, height, or materials. 

Professional Installation: Finally, trust the installation to experts like Grasso Fence Co ensures a proper and secure fit. With us, you can maximize the fence’s lifespan and functionality.

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How Much Does A Wood Fence Cost?

The cost of a wood fence varies depending on several factors. Some of these include the linear feet, style, and complexity of the installation.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific needs, you can contact us for a free consultation. Our friendly team will assess your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote, ensuring transparency.

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How Long Does A Wood Fence Last?

The lifespan of a wooden fence depends on various factors, including the type of wood used, maintenance, and weather conditions.

In addition, with proper care, regular maintenance, and appropriate treatments, a well-built wood fence can last for many years. At Grasso Fence Co, we use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure the longevity of our products.

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Grasso Fence Co is here for all your wood fencing needs. Our experienced team will help create a beautiful and durable wood fence that will enhance your property for years to come. Also, on our website, we address frequently asked questions. This section will provide you with all the necessary information. Lastly, if you’d like to discuss linear foot pricing or other specific details, please give us a call. 

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